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The intensification of the bilateral relations of the Republic of Macedonia with the Republic of Turkey for greater competitiveness was in the focus of the symposium on: "New horizons in the economic cooperation between Macedonia and Turkey" organized by the Foundation for Economic Research from Istanbul supported by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and Turkey (MATTO) (29.11.2017).


- The Government of Macedonia will continue to support the cooperation between the two countries and will continue to work on the improvement of the infrastructure with the objective for the economic cooperation to be increased, which will contribute to the increase of the investments, said professor Adnan Kjahil, PhD, Minister without portfolio in the Republic of Macedonia, responsible for foreign investments. - The policy of Macedonia in the future will create a climate for economic growth of Macedonia and the investments and the forums are welcome for the two sides and should be more often.- said professor, Adnan Kjahik, PhD.

- There are mutual relations that have been intensively developed due to the favorable infrastructure. The trade exchange should be intensified in the following period because the numbers are not satisfactory for both of the countries. There are announcement for new investments in Macedonia in the field of energy and service-providing activities- said Tulin Erkal Kara, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Macedonia.

- The bilateral relations between Macedonia and Turkey are excellent, they are at the level of traditional friendship with all the element of strategic partnership and with even greater potential for the overall cooperation, which should be more used in the following period. We are very happy that the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish businessmen have a strategic interest in the intensification of the trade cooperation with Macedonia, because Macedonia and the region had a need of internationalization of the economy in partnership with a strong economy, as the Turkish one- said Antoni Peshev, Chairman of the Assembly of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.

The new message to the guests was that in Macedonia there are great possibilities for investment in several segments, such as infrastructure, particularly in the rail and road infrastructure, in the agriculture, textile and automotive industry and in tourism.

 -There are different prerequisites for the Turkish and Macedonian companies to jointly enter the markets of the European Union, North Africa and the Near East, for which the companies should be well prepared and informed. Furthermore, the Turkish companies should use the advantages Macedonia offers regarding the liberalized trade with the EU and CEFTA countries and via diagonal cumulation of the origin of the goods to be able to provide more competitive performance on these markets- added Antoni Peshev.

The participants agreed that jointly and with high quality production they are able to find a place on the markets of the EU, the Near East and in North Africa in order to be more competitive.

Over a hundred Turkish and Macedonian companies were present at today's symposium following the two panel discussions on topics related to the investment and the trade financing, the role of the technology and the innovations in the increase of the potential of the competitiveness of the Macedonian company, as well as sharing business experiences of the companies that work in the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Turkey via concrete problems and proposals that will be additionally reviewed.

 Moreover, the total trade exchange of the Republic of Macedonia with the Republic of Turkey in the first 9 months of 2017 is 314,9 million US$, which is a growth of 4,1% compared to the same period in 2016.

The value of the export is 60,1 million US$ for 9 months of 2017, while the import balance is 254,8 million US$.

The trade deficit of the Republic of Macedonia with the Republic of Macedonia with the Republic of Turkey in 2014 is 194,4 million US$.

The Republic of Turkey is the eight trade partner in the foreign trade exchange of the Republic of Macedonia for the first 9 months of 2017.

The most important products exported from the Republic of Macedonia to the Republic of Turkey in the period January- September, 2017 are as follows:

• flat annealed products from iron and non-alloy steel- 19 million US$;
• printed circuit boards - 5,2 million US$;
• cloths from cut synthetic fibers with other fibers- 4,1 million US$;
• non-weaved fabric of cotton up to 85 % cotton– 3,4  million US$;
• printed circuit boards - 5,2 million US$;
• cloths from cut synthetic fibers with other fibers- 4,1 million US$;

* other fabrics of  cotton up to 85% cotton- 3,4  million US$;
• non-weaved fabric, impregnated, coated – 2,7 million US$;
• fireproof bricks, blocks, tiles, ceramic products – 2,4 million US$;
• products from other mineral materials with magnesite and similar– 1,8 million US$;
• other tight fabrics with 5% more elastomeric property – 1,7 million US$;
• flat annealed products from iron and non-alloy steel, coated with zinc, or coated in other way, 600mm wide and wider- 1,4 million US$;
• marble, travertine and other limestone for monuments or construction – 1,3 million US$;
• hide, sheep and goat wool, fresh or salty, dried, or conserved in another way - 1,3 million US$;
• petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals (apart from raw materials) and processed items – 1,1 million US$.

The most important products imported to the Republic of Macedonia to the Republic of Turkey in the period January-September, 2017 is as follows:

• other types of knitted or weaved materials – 6,2  million US$;
• other products form plastic masses - 4 million US$;
• cotton weave (apart from swing thread), with 85% or more cotton per mass, not for retail – 4 million US$;
• furnaces, cookers, portable stoves, barbecues and similar products – 4 million US$;
• ceramic tiles for tiling or covering, glazed ceramic cubes for mosaic with or without a support- 3,9 million US$;
• other electronic conductors, for voltage that is not higher than 1000 V-  3,8 million US$;
• other motor vehicles for transport of people- 3,7 million US$;
• knitted products 30 cm wide- 3,5 million US$;
• T-shirts, undershirt and other vests, knitted or weaved - 3,3 million US$;
• aluminum poles and profiles - 3,2 million US$;
• lemon and lime, fresh or dried - 2,6 million US$;
• medications, prepared in measured doses, or in retail forms and packages-2,3 million US$;
• dishwashers- 2,3 million US$;
• refrigerators with or without freezers- 2,2 million US$;
• TV receivers with or without integrated broadcasting receiver or with recording appliances or sound or image reproduction-1,9 million US$;
• cooling showcases and other cooling products - 1,2 million US$;
• chains, tools and similar furniture products- 1,2 1,2 million US$;
• filter machines and water cleansing appliances – 1 1,2 million US$;

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