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Foreign Investors Council / Basic Information

The Foreign Investors Council is established on February 27th, 2006 with a Decision for establishing of Foreign Investors Council adopted by the President of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.

The Council is established in order to provide consulting and advisory opinions and proposals in accomplishing the goals and tasks of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and its bodies and to discuss оthe most significant issues from economic sphere, especially issues that will induce the investment in the Macedonian economy.

For members of the Council are determined outstanding foreign businessmen and experts who are working in Macedonian trade companies, whose activity is directed towards upgrading of the market economy, entrepreneurship and competitiveness within the operation.

The Council as a whole and its members, as outstanding foreign businessmen and experts who are working in the Macedonian trade companies, by using their knowledge, experience and views concerning the operation of the economies in the countries they are coming from, as well as for the functioning of the chambers in these countries and their place, role and relations with the state bodies on issues of interest for the economy, they build up and propose, respectively, initiate to relevant bodies and forms of organization and work and bodies of the Chamber, solutions which would be considered to give the most relevant results in fostering the foreign investments and in operation and development of the Macedonian economy in general.

The Council operates in accordance to the Principles and method of work of the Foreign Investors Council.

Membership and engagement into the Council is on voluntary bases.

The work of the Council is organized and coordinated by the President of the Council.

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