1. How my company can become a member of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia?
Your company can easily and promptly become a member of the Economic Chamber f Macedonia and use its services by submitting the Admission Form (Application.pdf) on our fax (02) 3244 088. The membership in the Chamber is for companies registered in Republic of Macedonia. 
More information you can provide on the Contact Call Center (02)15015.

2. What is necessary for getting ATA Carnet?

ATA Carnet could be used for almost all goods for personal or professional use, especially of trade samples, professional equipment, goods for presentation at trade fair and exhibitions.
With the ATA Carnet you can temporary import consumer goods: computers, tools, cameras, video and office equipment, garments, paintings, lasers, industrial and agricultural machinery and tools, etc ….

3. What is Arbitration attached to the Economic Chamber of Macedonia?

Within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia there is a Permanent Court of Arbitration , as autonomous body , which can settle mutual business disputes among the members of the Chamber, among the members of the Chamber and third parties, as well as among other legal entities from the country and abroad, if the parties have agreed the competence of this court.

Decisions of the Permanent Court of Arbitration are final and legally binding.
The Permanent Court of Arbitration brought its decisions by a faster procedure then it is done by the regular (state) courts.

The Permanent Court of Arbitration may mediate for settling of disputes by mutual agreement, in case when some disputable relations appeared in the fulfillment of the basic contract.

In order  to agree the Arbitration` competences for settling of  possible disputes between business partners, it is recommended  the contracts to include the following clause:

"All disputes arising out of this Contract or in connection with it, including the disputes concerning its interpretation or validity shall be settled by mutual agreement. If the dispute can not be settled by mutual agreement, it should be settled by the Permanent Court of Arbitration attached to the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of the Permanent Court of Arbitration."


4. Can I get more detailed information regarding the verification of the university education diplomas?

The Economic Chamber of Macedonia is not competent to verify the university education diplomas. Competent institution for the abovementioned diplomas and their verification (validation) is the Ministry of Education and Science, where is a department for validation of university education diplomas.

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