Basic Informations

Metal-working and Electrical Engineering Industry Association

Metal-working and Electrical Manufacturing Industry Association

Basic information

In the Metal-working and Electrical Manufacturing Industry Association there are  members from around 120 companies which represent the following sectors:
-    manufacturing of metal products in metal-processing phase, except machines and devices;
-    manufacturing of machines and devices, not mentioned elsewhere; 
-    manufacturing of office and adding machines;
-    manufacturing of electrical machinery and appliances, not mentioned elsewhere;
-    manufacturing of radio, television and communication equipment and devices;
-    manufacturing of precision medical and optical instruments, clocks and watches;
-    manufacturing of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers;
-    manufacturing of other transport facilities.

Association’s basic goals and tasks  are related to discussion on issues regarding the upgrading of the operation and resolving of the current problem within the sector; commercial advertising; adjustment of opposite and different interests within the sector; adopting  of conclusions and proposing of measures of common interest;  examine proposals to laws and other provisions and raises initiatives for amendment of legal and sub-legal deeds; initiate and accomplish cooperation of common interest with the members of the other associations and international  cooperation; works on upgrading the business climate and spur the implementation of the European rules and standards, etc.

The Managing Board of 19 members was elected on the constitution session of the Metal-working and Electrical Manufacturing Industry Association held on February 24th, 2005. The President of the MB of the Association is Mr. Ace Antevski, “Rade Koncar – servis” – Skopje, and Deputy President is Sonja Angeleskvska Koleva - Cable factory Negotino-Negotino.

The Association operates pursuant to the Rules of organization and methods of work of the Metal-working and Electrical Manufacturing Industry Association.
Within the Association are established the Electrical Industry Group, Automotive Industry Group and Group for elevators.       

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