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Insurance Companies Association

    On 22nd February 2005 was held a Constitution Session of the Insurance Companies Association within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.

    In the Association the insurance companies and the companies for pension insurance participate on voluntary basis.

    Insurance brokerage companies are united in the Association acting within the Chamber according to their interest in joining.

    The Association has a president and vice president who are elected in period for five years. On the meeting of the Association of Insurance companies held on 17.05.2010 for president of the Association was elected Mr. Trajce Latinovski, CEO of Triglav Insurance AD Skopje and for vice president was elected Ms. Vesna Gjorceva from Macedonia-QBE Insurance and reinsurance, AD Skopje.

    On the meeting of the Association of Insurance companies that was held on 08.07.2013, because of organizational changes of the current president, according to the Rules of operation of the Association, for new president was elected Mr. Ristovski Ilo, Chief Operating Director of Sava Insurance AD Skopje.

    In our country currently operate 15 insurance companies, four of which deal exclusively with life insurance. Their number increased in recent years suggesting that it has an interest in investment from domestic and foreign companies in the sector. Also in this field work about 2,200 insurance agents and 17 insurance brokerages, indicating the attractiveness of the insurance market.

    In the industry function two companies dealing with pension insurance, included in the second and third pillar. 
    1. KB First Pension Company
    2. New Pension Fund

    In the insurance industry function the National Insurance Bureau.
    Insurance industry regulator is the Agency for Supervision in the Insurance (ASO).


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