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In the direction of having a more efficient internationalization of the economy in the Republic of Macedonia within the USAID PROJECT "PARTNERSHIP FOR BETTER BUSINESS REGULATION" on December 12th, a Forum on: "Via internationalization of the economy to greater economic growth " took place in "Feni" hotel in Kavadarci.


Within the Project "Partnership for better business regulation" Jadranka Arizankovska, senior advisor in the Economic Chamber of Macedonia gave an introductory speech in which she made a short review of the foreign trade situation in the region and the problems that companies face.

Ljubomir Dimovski, director of EPI CENTAR International, consultancy company from Skopje, addressed at the Forum and presented the aims of the USAID Project: "Partnership for better business regulation", as well as the activities for 2018 and said that all of the four chambers of commerce of Macedonia are involved in the implementation of this project and they are: the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, the Chamber of Commerce of Information and Communication Technologies (MASIT), the Chamber of Commerce of Northwest Macedonia and the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia, which are also partners in the USAID Project: "PARTNERSHIP FOR BETTER BUSINESS REGULATION" in cooperation with "EPI CENTAR International" from Skopje.

- Within this project a Platform for bringing together all four chambers of commerce of Macedonia was formed for easier detection of the problems of the companies and finding ways and possibilities for them to be more efficiently solved- said Dimovski, representative of "Epicentar".

Via presentation of the results from the conducted survey for the companies that is conducted every year within this project, Ljubomir Dimovski explained the Analysis on the assessment of the business environment in Macedonia for 2017 that includes 387mcompanies and shared the opinion of the companies about the functioning of the business in Macedonia expressed through business indicators and invited the guests to take part in the discussion and to state their problems and to give ideas and suggestions.

Tanja Markovska, representative of the Economic Development Office of USAID in Macedonia, held a speech in which she stated that USAID has been present in Macedonia for more than 25 years and that it works with great commitment in the field of the economic development, while the main focus is put on the improvement of the business climate in Macedonia, support of the export and the financial support of the companies.

- The export is very important for a small country as Macedonia and the development of new products and services with added value is very important for the companies, as is the improvement of the competitiveness of the companies regarding to their performance on the foreign markets- emphasized Tanja Markovska.

Through this project, it is necessary to identify the problems which the companies face in order to improve the business regulation, so that concrete measures can be undertaken for the support of the companies and their export activities.

At the panel discussion on: "Recommendations and experiences for support of the export and experiences from other countries" Rafaelo Beneti, representative of PROMOS- Agency for support of the Italian companies for export within the Chamber of Commerce of Milan from Italy, held a presentation and gave recommendations for encouraging and support of the export oriented companies. Beneti said that the companies from Macedonia and Italy have similar problems and they should not be ignored, but the companies should accept the internationalization due to the big foreign competition on the domestic market.

- It is very important in certain regions the companies, along with the chambers of commerce and with the other institutions, such as universities, banks and other financial institutions to be jointly focused on projects for mutual cooperation and penetration on the third market and efforts also should be made for harmonization and simplification of the legal regulation and of the financial instruments for the support of small and medium enterprises.

The representatives of the Macedonian Bank for Support of the Development informed that only 1% of the overall export is insured by companies, which means that in the future this problem should also be addressed and more companies should insure their export.

Over 30 representatives of the companies from the Kavadarci region actively participated in the panel discussions and the following more important conclusions were drawn:

- harmonization of the legal regulations;
-  financial support of companies with the assistance of the banks, projects and other financial instruments;
- signing bilateral agreements with the countries from the Near East and Maghreb;
- establishing accreditation institutions for easier issuance of export certificates.

All the conclusions stated at the Forum will be reviewed in detail by the chambers of commerce with the aim for them to be more efficiently implemented in the following period.

 The Forum was implemented by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia in cooperation with EPI CENTAR International and the Economic Chamber for Information and Communication Technologies (MASIT), the Chamber of Commerce of Northwest Macedonia and the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia, partners in the USAID Project: "PARTNERSHIP FOR BETTER BUSINESS REGULATION".

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