Role of Chambers in realizing the potential benefits of CEFTA

Regional Network of Commerce provides its member firms aid entry and development of certain markets. This is a unique offer in reality require chambers to make changes in policy and strategic level, in a way that will build on their skills. Within the regional project for the development of the private sector, funded by the Dutch Government, SPARK supports a number of chambers in the Western Balkans. SPARK intends to extend its assistance to the chambers by including support for implementation of CEFTA.

The purpose of this workshop is to define the role, strategic thinking and other needs of the chambers in promoting regional trade and the implementation of CEFTA. The workshop is directed to the needs of the chambers of the region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia) as well as companies. The event will be built on the conclusions of the ABC Regional Conference held in Budva, in November 2007, and will focus on the responsibilities that should be adopted by Chambers, in order to introduce additional services to its members.

The workshop will focus on three key areas:
         - Defining the role and strategic thinking of Commerce in promoting regional trade and implementation of CEFTA (chambers will discuss their role in promoting regional trade and assistance offered to their members in understanding the potential benefits of CEFTA, which is Comorian role vis-a-vis other actors Governments agencies, investment promotion, or private business associations)
         - Defining the needs of the chambers in the realization of their role in promoting regional trade and implementation
         - Promoting regional cooperation between the chambers of commerce and the parties involved in the CEFTA

Expected outcomes of this workshop is to increase the awareness and responsibility between the chambers of commerce of the possible roles and strategic views that are available in order to promote regional trade and implementation of CEFTA agreement between chambers needs and future activities to build their capacity to deliver their role in the promotion, including the need for support from the outside, as well as increasing awareness of involvement in joint activities (demonstration of common ideas, plans in advance between participants). See the full document here

CEFTA - a great opportunity to increase trade
Central European Free Trade Agreement works great despite political problems. In the liberalization of the economy has a real achievement among member states.
During the crisis, regional trade could not accommodate a lot and can say that regional trade was much more vital.
We need to remove barriers to trade in CEFTA countries. Administrative obstacles, complex, expensive and lengthy inspection procedures, safeguards for imports some of the problems.

Volume of trade of the Republic of Macedonia with the countries of CEFTA region for the period 01-05.2012 year

According to the State Statistical Office, the total foreign trade of the Republic of Macedonia with CEFTA countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Moldova) in the period January-May 2012 reached a value of US $ 675 877 thousand, a decline of 12.7% compared to the same period last year.

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