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THE MANAGERS AND ENTREPRENEURS CLUB started the activities in the new year, the first lecture from the module: "COACHING" was held

       January 25, 2018 marked the start of the Manager and Entrepreneurs Club for 2018. The members will be able to follow educational, entertaining and promotional events in the course of the entire year, following a program prepared in advance that includes several events per month with dynamics and duration that have been determined in advance. The numerous educational programs and trainings included in the annual program will give the managers the possibility to encourage their vocational and professional development and to provide adequate and motivated workforce, innovative products and competitive advantage that comes from the readiness of the manager-entrepreneur to take over his/her responsibilities and to invest in his/her team on a daily basis. 

          Today's topic will be a topic of discussion that will be subject of the training which is to take place in a period of several months and which is part of the Annual agenda and it is the topic of "Coaching". Coaching is a realization of above average results. Coaching directs the already successful and self-motivated person towards greater efficiency.
Coaching functions best with those persons who always strive to achieve more. These individuals and companies know what they want and for them there are no problems, but only challenges, and if they have the proper attitude in solving them they create a space for further progress. When it comes to its function, the coaching resembles the most to the consulting. However, the difference is that in the consulting process ready-made solutions are being obtained, while in the process of coaching the client finds the most favorable solution on his/her own.
           The lecturer, Georgiev, told the attendees that "Coaching is a strategy for the brave in the process of achievement SUPREME results". According to him the coaching is not a psychotherapy, psychology, consulting, mentorship, it does not advise, it does not teach, it does not heal. Coaching is a fast and efficient way of achieving results, a reason because of which it becomes more and more popular in the business world. The client is in the focus of the coaching process and via structured conversation, it is supported by concrete tools and techniques instead of being concentrated on past experiences or on the reasons for the current situations and in that way it comes closer to the objective. The aim is reached via concrete steps that lead to fundamental changes in the stance, behavior and habits that makes the methodology to be oriented towards action or activities. This type of coaching is systematic, includes creation of a full image of the client and it fully trusts his/her qualities, capabilities, plan and objectives.

          The basic aim of the coaching is to promote the result and the norm of the clients in different business and life areas. Coaching has the role of a supporting power that frees the human potentials in the creation of new and more creative ideas, models and behaviors that lead to success. Via the specially designed educational events, in a time of dynamic surroundings, increased competitiveness and differentiated demand of good and services, we give the knowledge to the companies-members of the Managers and Entrepreneurs Club of how to accept the changes and to direct themselves towards the challenges and to see them as a possibility for the creation of a new value that will determine their position on the market.

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