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- One of the strategic objectives of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia is the commitment to create real conditions for conquering new markets that are of crucial importance for the growth of the export, and for the national economy. The Macedonian economy, as a small and open economy, should continue to support the export orientation of the domestic companies so that it can maintain a long-term growth.

The need of the promotion of the export possibilities of the Macedonian companies was one of the key conclusions of the scientific and research study “The Macedonian export” made by the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, upon the request of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, where it was remarked that there is a need for the proportion of the export in the GDP to be increased to about 50 to 75 percent.

So that the development is able to move forth, it is necessary for additional improvements to be made in the trade sector with the objective for the growth of the export to be encouraged. The export is a strategic reply for the growth of each company, and for the growth of the economy of one country. It provides greater inflow of foreign currencies in the country, the companies become more competitive and harmonized with the international standards and procedures, which, in return, results in greater profit and a possibility for the companies to strive towards maximum use of their capacities- stated Gligor Cvetanov, president of the Exporters’ Club within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia at the Chamber’s press-conference (8.10.2018)…

With the objective to promote the export-oriented companies, as one of the activities, as one of the activities, the Exporters’ Club for its members prepared a catalogue of export- oriented companies from the Republic of Macedonia- Macedonian Exporting- Macedonian Export Directory, and via the catalogue the companies will present their capacities, export portfolios with detailed information with the objective for it to be used as a promotional material and to be available to all potential partners in the country and abroad, said Cvetanov…

Tatjana Shterjova, PhD, from the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and national coordinator for the Chamber Investment Forum, shortly presented the Project “Promotion of the exporting possibilities of the small and medium enterprises in the Western Balkans region” that the Chamber Investment Forum, in which the Economic Chamber of Macedonia participates, implements with the support of the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ), via the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) with a duration of two years…



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