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THE MANAGERS AND ENTREPRENEURS CLUB continues with its regular activities, the eighth module from the lecture on: "MANAGEMENT SKILLS" was held

        The globalization of the world economy and the necessity for export and competitive fight on the global market is an ideal time for the leaders who can gather a team of top managers to prove themselves and to lead them in achieving their own vision. These processes ask from the managers to accept and apply the most recent global experiences in the field of motivation and leadership.
The intention of the leadership is the managers to identify the main factors of the situation and to adjust the techniques for acting upon the already known factors.

       The last lecture of the module: "Management skills" was dedicated to these issues and took place on December 5th, 2017 in the Managers and Entrepreneurs Club within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia in cooperation with Ljupcho Georgiev, licensed trainer of "Gustav Kaser Training International" in Macedonia.
In accordance with the Annual agenda, an event was held today that was very useful for the managers in the Managers and Entrepreneurs Club and the managers had the possibility to share their experiences and knowledge with real examples from the practice that refer to the result and quality management models, which encouraged fresh ideas and a high level of communication.
The ability to lead people and processes is a guarantee that any challenges and situations the organization will go through will be surpassed in the wisest and most efficient way. The investment in the development of the key management staff is an investment in the present, but also in the future of the company.
 Even though the workers usually say that they do not have the right level of knowledge and the reasons for the incomplete reasons are looked for, it must be clearly stated that the bright examples of the organizations in which there is an emphasized leadership and management show that the problems has another origin.
It would be enough for one entrepreneur to be able in a short period of time to select the most important information from all the information he/she owns and on the basis of this information to draw a quality conclusion on which he/she will base the decision.

        Following the trends in the European countries from one side, and the needs and demands of our companies on the other, via the Managers and Entrepreneurs Club a tool was created to support small and medium companies in the direction of finding business partners, promotions, cooperation of the domestic with the foreign companies and creating supply chains, using the EU funds and finding partners. It is possible thanks to the excellent logistics, connections and contacts that the Economic Chamber of Macedonia has with the domestic and foreign institutions that offer information, analysis, education and finding partners.

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