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Free Trade Agreements between Republic of Macedonia and other countries

Free Trade Agreement with Turkey, "Off. Gazette of RM" no. 83/99 (01.11.2000 yr.)
Stabilization and Association Agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and the European Communities - Official. Gazette of RM "no. 29/2001 and 122/2007
Free Trade Agreement with EFTA states (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland) "Off. Gazette of RM" no. 89/2001 and no. 62/2003, (received 01.05.2002 yr.)
Free trade agreement with Ukraine, "Off. Gazette of RM" no. 53/2001, (received 15/7/2003 yr.)
CEFTA countries (Albania, BiH, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, UNMNIK / Kosovo), "Official Gazette of RM" no. 69/2007

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