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In the direction of strengthening and increasing the competitiveness of the Macedonian economy in order to have more efficient internationalization of the economy in the Republic of Macedonia via the USIAD PROJECT "PARTNERSHIP FOR BETTER BUSINESS REGULATION" a Forum on: "Via internationalization of the economy to greater economic growth" took place in Skopje.

Elena Milevska Shtrbevska, MSc., director of operations at the Economic Chamber of Macedonia addressed at the event and said that the aim of the Project is for small and medium enterprises to promote their compliance with the legal regulation, while the business organizations, such as the chambers of commerce, to contribute in the process of establishing a constructive public-private dialogue in order to improve the regulation.

- Having into consideration the fact that the most pressing issues for the companies are mostly of legal nature and are either related to the change of certain regulations due to the efficiency and the unambiguous nature, or they are referring to proper application of the things prescribed by law, the role of the chambers of commerce is to join our experience and capacities, in the direction of improving the exchange and access to information, increase financial and legal compliance with the regulation, improved business regulation as a result of the proposals, demands and initiatives of the business community and of the influence of the overall economic flows- said Milevska Shtrbevska.

Professor Kocho Angjushev, PhD, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia responsible for economic affairs and for coordination with the economic institutions, supported the forum and said that even though Macedonia is a small country and has a small economy, in order for it to have a successful economic development, it is necessary to be export oriented because the export's share in the gross domestic product is 53% and for a serious economic growth this percentage has to increase to 60% or even 70%.

- For the numbers to grow, the companies have to be stimulated, to create products and services with added value, i.e. to invest in knowledge, innovations and new technologies- said Angjushev, PhD.

Professor Angjushev, PhD, said that in 2018 the Government of the Republic of Macedonia will work on concrete measures in order to stimulate the Macedonian companies and the rule of law so that it contributes to the political and economic stability. He said that there are real conditions for all the companies in Macedonia to expand their export capacities and to create the products and services that not only will be competitive on the domestic, but also on the foreign markets and publicly called all the domestic companies to  invest in Macedonia.

Edward Gonzalez, director of the Development Office of USAID in Macedonia, addressed the audience and stated that USAID is present in Macedonia for more than 25 years and with great commitment works on the economic development and the main focus is put on the improvement of the business climate in Macedonia, support of the export and the financial support of the companies.

-The export is very important for a small country as Macedonia, and the development of new products and services with added value is significant for the companies, while the public- private dialogue is very important for all stakeholders in order to improve the competitiveness of the companies for being able to perform on the foreign markets- said Gonzalez.

Ljubomir Dimovski, director of EPI CENTAR International, consulting company from Skopje, also addressed at the event and stated that with the support of USAID, all four chambers of commerce of Macedonia are involved in the implementation of this project as partners, and these chambers are: the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce for Information and Communication Technologies (MASIT), the Chamber of Commerce of Northwest Macedonia and the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia, in cooperation with EPI CENTAR International from Skopje and they work with great dedication to improving the problems with which the companies face on a daily basis.

Today's forum was divided into three panel discussions attended by experts, professors, representatives of the business sector and of public institutions that discussed three very significant topics, which were: "Building competitiveness and increasing the export potentials of the Macedonian companies in the process of internationalization", "Performance on the new markets and defining the competitive sectors in the Macedonian economy as essential steps in the elimination of the barriers in the internationalization process- recommendations and conclusions" and "International experiences as a support of the export of the Macedonian companies".  

Over 100 representatives of the business sector of Macedonia actively participate in the panel-discussions and the following conclusions were drawn for growth and development of the Macedonian economy via:

- export strategy;
-  harmonization of the legal legislation;
- reform of the fiscal system;
- financial support of the companies with the aid of financial instruments;
- signing bilateral agreements with the countries from the Near East and Maghreb;
- encouraging the innovation;
- active employment policies;
- scientific and technological networking;
- strengthening the public-private dialogue and
- increase of the internationalization.

All the conclusions that were stated at the Forum will be reviewed in detail by the chambers, which is actually the main objective of this four year project and it is necessary to identify the problems that companies face in order to improve the legal regulation for undertaking concrete measures for support of the companies and their export activities.

The Project is implemented by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia in cooperation with EPI Centar International and the Chamber of Commerce for Information and Communication Technologies (MASIT), and the Chamber of Commerce of Northwest Macedonia and the Union of chambers of commerce of Macedonia, which are partners in the USAID Project: PARTNERSHIP FOR BETTER BUSINESS REGULATION.

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