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As part of the activities of the Project "Disabled Employment Center" realized by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and "Polio Plus- movement against disability" on November 9th, 2017, in the premises of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia a training for the companies was held on: "Benefits and obligations of companies when employing a disabled person".


The first three advanced trainings dedicated to the companies, took place in Shtip, on October 10, 2017, in Veles, on October 17th, 2017 and in Prilep, on November 6th, 2017. After today's advanced training that took place in Skopje, the cycle of advanced trainings dedicated to companies ends.

According to the research of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, the companies are insufficiently informed about the different issues related to the employment and maintenance of the working relations of the disabled people. The training was dedicated to companies in order for them to be informed about the proper adjustment and enabling equal treatment of the disabled people.

Ivana Krstevska, MSc., took part in the training as a representative of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and she presented the project activities directed towards the institutions and to the companies that have an objective to contribute to the full inclusion of the disabled people in the labor processes.


Zhaneta Poposka, MSc., expert in this field, talked about the legal framework for enabling equal treatment of the disabled people and for the necessary measures that are to be undertaken by the employers in order to provide proper working conditions. The main accent was put on the elements for proper adjustment and providing access to the disabled people. The following elements were mentioned as the most important: obligation for proper adjustment to the change of the working environment for an employee in a wheelchair, transferring the person in another office, or a place closer to her/hi home or on the ground floor, as well as a possibility for them to work from home; procurement or modification of the equipment, possibility for the disabled employee to have flexible working hours, change of the tests and interview questions, providing sign language interpreters and change of the disciplinary and complaint procedures.

The Special disabled employment fund give companies non-returnable means in accordance with Article 4 of the Law on employment of disabled people- LEDP for:

1.  giving non-returnable means for indefinite-term contract concluded with a disabled person;
2. reasonable adjustment to the working space where the disabled person will work, if necessary;
3. procurement of equipment;
4. tax exemption and providing means for contributions;
5. financial support of the labor process and

6.  training of the disabled people due to employment.

Non- returnable means are being awarded for the adjustment of the work place taken by a disabled person, if needed, in the amount of 100.000 denars and they can be reused if that is required from the changes of the technological process or the type and degree of disability of the person.

For the procurement of the equipment a sum in the amount of 200 average net salaries paid in the Republic of Macedonia in the previous year is being awarded in the form of non-returnable means, and the petitioner should have a proper participation of 20% (proper means, a loan from a bank or personal means owned by the company), while the amount of the means awarded can reach a maximum amount equal to the value of the property and the permanent capital recorded in the ledgers of the petitioner (founding capital, equipment, construction and business facilities, shops, etc.) and to deliver a mortgage in a 2:1 ratio, or a bank guarantee in the amount of the approved means. The mortgage or the bank guarantee should be valid for at least three years.

At the end of this training, five case studies were presented, followed by a discussion between the participants that presented their experiences and proposals related to the inclusion of the disabled people on the labor market.

About thirty participants from several sectors attended the event such as: banking sector, trade, food industry, metal and electrical industry, catering industry, non-governmental organizations, protection associations, as well as representatives of the state institutions and public enterprises.


This project will target companies that are ready and willing to employ disabled people or have already employed disabled people. There is a whole set of activities that are directed towards the institutions and the companies in order for their doors to be opened to a full and effective inclusion of the disabled people in the labor processes.

The project is financially supported by the European Commission and is implemented by the Ministry of Finances- Central Financing and Contracting Department (CFCD) along with the Economic Chamber of Macedonia as a coordinator of the Project, "Polio Plus"- partner in the Project and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, as a coordinator of the social inclusion programme.

Ivana Krstevska, MSc.

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