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In the entrance hall of the Faculty of Economics-Skopje, on October 1, 2018, a solemn academic class took place that officially marked the start of the new academic year of 2018-2019. The future academic citizens, who decided to continue with their education at one of the seven departments of the first cycle of studies at the Faculty of Economics-Skopje, attended the event.

The solemn academic class was opened by the professor Ljubomir Drakulevski, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, who bid welcome tot he new academic citizens to the most prestigious higher education institution, as part of the 69th generation, emphasizing the tradition and knowledge and the contribution to the development of the country that the Faculty of Economics has given in a period of almost seven decades.

- In the past period, 22.416 students graduated at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje, 2.038 acquired the title master of science, and 384 students acquired the title of PhD, the highest academic level- stated professor Drakulevski, PhD.


Over 4000 students had the possibility to learn, following the curricula compatible to the world faculties of economics pursuant to the Bologna system, harmonized with the first 50 university placed on the Shanghai list. The Faculty of Economics offers cooperation with the business community via the possibility for internship in over 1000 companies, and the representatives of the business community are included in the lectures are guest-lecturers and directly share their knowledge and experience.

Professor Nikola Jankulovski, PhD, Rector of the SS. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje attended the event and expressed his gratitude to the students that they will be part of the most renowned, oldest and most prestigious university family with its recognizable red student card and recommended them that they are standing in front of a new stage in life that asks for a serious approach and engagement on their behalf. Furthermore, the Rector recommended the students not to see the challenges as an obstacle, but as an additional impulse on the way of achieving their objective. SS. Cyril and Methodius University, as a dignified successor of the epic works of the brothers Cyril and Methodius, constantly keeps up with the needs of the economy and the modern market trends which can be seen through the long-term cooperation with renowned international universities. - The knowledge market and the labor market are brutally cruel- they ask for quality, they ask for excellence and exceptionality, they do not accept superficiality, improvisation- added professor Jankulovski, PhD. Moreover, the possibility of realizing the Erasmus+ internship via working as an intern in companies in some of the member states of the European Union was presented.

Branko Azeski, president of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, also addressed at the event and recommended the present that this generation should use the acquired skills and knowledge in their country. Via creating businesses, with a real risk assessment, the successful entrepreneurs with their innovative ideas would rise on the pedestal of successful Macedonian business stories. - The education is your first investment and you, as future economists, know that every long-term investment gives results. That is your core deposit that in the course of the years increases its value and becomes your fortune. Invest smart and you will have a good profit- said Branko Azeski, president of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.

The academic citizens to be were greeted by the president of AIESEK LK-Skopje, Anastasija Milkovska, as well as by the president of the Students' Parliament within UKIM, Viktor Blazhevski, who presented the opportunities offered when becoming a member in the student organizations and associations. Afterwards, the student cards  were given to the 10 best ranked students.

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