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Macedonian Minning Association - MMA

Macedonian Mining Association – MAR is established with the aim to unite the companies which perform the exploitation and processing of mineral resources in the Republic of Macedonia.
MAR is striving to represent and protect its members` interest, in front of the institutions on national and European level, expanding of cooperation with other associations, in order to propose solutions for dynamic, stable and independent economic growth on longer period.

President of MAR is Mr. Nikolajco Nikolov, BUCIM-Radovis and Vice-President is Mr. Sefki Aliti, MAKALJB Kompani, -Skopje.

Contact address :
Economic Chamber of Macedonia
str. Dimitrie Cupovski 13
1000 Skopje

Contact person : Marija Petroska
Ph: (02) 3244017 Fax:(02) 3244088
Call Центар : (02) 15015
E-mail: marija@mchamber.mk

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