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The adoption of the Law on Mediation (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia nos. 188/13, 148/15, 192/2015 and 55/16) and the ongoing certification of mediators, as stipulated by the latest version of the law, opened the door to mediation as an alternative method of dispute resolution in Macedonia.

On 15 July 2016, the Economic Chamber of Macedonia established its first Mediation Support Association, at a constitutive meeting hosted by the Chamber. With this decision, the Chamber responded to the requirements and the initiative voiced by its member companies. The newly-established Association will provide better support in and promotion of mediation, and will function as part of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.

The Mediation Support Association within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia will make use of the Chamber's resources - its staff, logistics, and connections with chambers in the region, in Europe, and beyond. In line with the nature of the Association's work, it will primarily focus on building connections and cooperation with similar associations, both local and foreign, so as to share experiences and provide better, more thorough support in mediation. It will also cooperate with associations that are already part of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia and organize joint activities, presentations, and similar events. The Association will be playing an active role in the efforts to harmonize interests in this sector, and to discuss and review draft-laws and other regulations; it will issue opinions and suggestions on matters of common interest to the Association's members, and launch initiatives for new laws, and amendments and addenda to existing laws. The Association is also going to pay attention to issues that are common to all associations and groups within the Chamber, and is going to insist on international cooperation, in accordance with the agenda and general acts of the Chamber. The Mediation Support Association is going to cooperate closely with the Mediators Chamber of RM and with all interested, mediation-related institutions from Macedonia. Simultaneously, the Association will be undertaking activities to improve the business climate in Macedonia and encourage implementation of EU directives, recommendations from the Council of Europe, and of other relevant documents in this field, alongside other steps aimed at achieving better results.

Jelisaveta Georgieva PhD has been elected President of the Association at the constitutive session. The Mediation Support Association adopted its program guidelines for the upcoming period, which include a series of activities and events to introduce and promote mediation as an efficient method of dispute resolution.

Traditionally, chambers of commerce support arbitration and mediation as alternative methods of dispute resolution. Therefore, the Economic Chamber of Macedonia has decided to fully endorse mediation, and invites all interested parties, companies, experts and associates from relevant institutions, to become part of this process and to join the Chamber's efforts to bring mediation closer to the public. Sharing information about mediation with companies is the first step in this process.


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