Input date: 4/24/2018
Validity: 10/23/2018
Short description: A company from India, producer of the most quality raw wool, woolen yarn and wooltops is looking for importers in Macedonia and the region
Long description: With over 35 years of experience in the woolen industry the company is ready to export the highest quality and low cost of: - Raw Wool and other natural fibers with a monthly capacity of 250 tons and other natural fibers like Cashmere, Mohair, llama Alpaca etc. - Woolen yarns with a monthly capacity of 75 tons of all types of woolen worsted and semi-worsted yarns, and, a manufacturing of Merino and carpet grade wool tops from 22-34 microns.
Collaboration type: Products, production
Collaboration area: Production of textile and textile products
Keywords: production , wool , woollen yarn , wool tops , merino , cashmere , export , mohair , llama
Group of countries: Central and Eastern Europe countries

Contact address:
Economic Chamber of Macedonia
st. Dimitrie Chupovski, 13
1000 Skopje
Contact: Belinda Minovska
Tel: ++ 389 2 3244036
Fax:++ 389 2 3244088

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