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Association of Civil Construction, Building Materials and Non-metal Industries

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Basic Information about the Branch Association

Members in the Association of Civil Construction, Building Materials and Non-Metals Industries are companies which are engaged with designing and building of all the categories of facilities from civil engineering, building construction and hydro-building, installation and finishing works in construction, then researching, exploitation and processing of mineral raw materials such as: marl, gypsum, brick clay, sand, architecture-decorative stones, feldspar, bentonite, quartz and quartzite, opalescent tuff, fire resistant clays etc.  
           Due to specific work and interests of the members of the Association, the following groups are established:
• Group of Civil Construction
• Group of Building Materials 
• Group of Dry Building
• Group of Real Estate Agencies
                 On the Constitution session held on March 22nd, 2005 for the President of the Association was elected Mr. Tomislav Tanevski, from ADG Pelagonija –Skopje and for Deputy President was elected Mr. Nezir Sulejmani, from Korab Mermeri- Gostivar.
                 On the session were also elected the members of the MB of the Association and representatives for the Assembly of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.

Contact address :
Economic Chamber of Macedonia
str. Dimitrie Cupovski 13
1000 Skopje

Contact person : Marija Petroska
Ph: (02) 3244017 Fax:(02) 3244088
Call Центар : (02) 15015



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