Membership is power, power is information, information is knowledge and knowledge is a step to success.

By becoming an active member of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia you will find your informer, partner, adviser and promoter of your own business at home and abroad.

You will get as follows:
- Become a part of an active Association or Group according to your activity, which will represent your interests.
- Access to Knowledge Base.
- Publication of data on your company in the register of companies on web-portal of the chamber
- Free participation on seminars, workshops, training sessions, business forums.
- Free e-newsletter with all the developments, initiatives and ongoing activities of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.
- Search Current Tenders / Projects
- Preparation of tender documentation
- Possibility to lease the promotional banner of your company on the chamber’s site.
- Possibility to implement quality standards (HASAP, ISO -9001, and ISO 14001) and certification standards already implemented.
- Opportunity to rent the meeting rooms of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, logistical support and equipment for the presentation of your company,
- Issuance of Certificate of preferential  treatment "Form A" certificate "Origin," Study of documentation entry in the registry, issuance of certificate of exclusive rights.
- Verification of documents (invoices, contracts, price lists), certificates of membership, visa recommendations, confirmed the only producer
- Post your offer / demand
- Automatic merging of your offer to foreign demand
- Opportunity to create your own package of chambers services according to your business needs.
- Information on current regulations, recommendations, guidelines, customs regimes of the EU
- Promotion of your product or service through e-catalogue on the web-portal of the chamber.
- Electronic promotion of newly registered companies in Macedonia to Macedonian economy.
- Logistic support for the organization and visiting of fairs and other events abroad (organization, air or bus transport to the appropriate destination and back, hotel accommodation reservation, providing tickets for events, mediating the visas issuing, contacts with  the organizers and other services on your request.
- Resolving business disputes through the arbitration at the Economic Chamber of Macedonia
- Legal advices, professional assistance before the courts and other institutions, preparation of general acts, agreements, industrial property protection, registration in the trade registry, etc.
- Providing information on foreign markets on your request
- Preparation of expert analysis per sectors` activities
- Views to meet the economic conditions
- Access to the legislation of the Republic of Macedonia on the Chamber’s web - portal.

Note: All the above services are at preferential prices and terms for companies that are members, some of them depending on the type and organization are free.

Contact address:
Economic Chamber of Macedonia
st. Dimitrie Chupovski, 13
1000 Skopje
Contact: Biljana Peeva-Gjuric
Tel: ++ 389 2 3244034
Fax:++ 389 2 3244088

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